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We are more than just investors, we are business builders. Our professionals have deep experience and are actively engaged in helping managers take their companies to the next level. We provide capital, strategic guidance, merger & acquisition expertise, management team building, financial market expertise, technology & systems assessment, executive coaching and access to a vast network of industry contacts.


Sales & Marketing Development
Generation provides marketing expertise to our portfolio companies through our firm's experience and shared contacts with our portfolio companies. Over the past 25 years we have been involved in countless sales and marketing successes and failures and have a vast network of executives to develop the right mix of programs for a particular company. Additionally, Generation has two portfolio companies in the developing areas of online/search marketing and as a result we have developed key relationships and expertise in this area. We have successfully accelerated the growth of several of our portfolio companies through these initiatives.


M&A/Business Development
Generation has years of experience executing buyouts and add-on acquisitions. We offer advice and hands-on use of our professionals to assist portfolio companies in identifying, analyzing, negotiating and financing strategic acquisitions. We enable our portfolio companies to establish and defend their competitive position through both organic growth and the ability to opportunistically acquire strategic assets.


Strategic Guidance
Generation has built a strong reputation for adding value in portfolio companies by serving as a key advisor to CEOs and management teams. We become actively involved and provide entrepreneurs with a valuable sounding board on issues such as overall business strategy, competitive positioning, market trends, product development, management, and sales and marketing strategy.


Management Team Building
Generation helps entrepreneurs build their management teams. We identify key team needs and help recruit top management talent. Generation has placed many executives in our portfolio companies. In addition, Generation has established strategic relationships with certain key recruiting firms, allowing specialized attention to key searches for Generation Portfolio companies.


Financial Expertise
Generation plays an active role in corporate finance strategy and execution. Our years of buyout, growth equity and venture capital experience allow our firm to analyze and execute any type of corporate finance decision for both emerging and mature companies. We have extensive public and private capital markets expertise in both the equity and debt markets and have contacts throughout the investment banking and lending communities. Generation has been instrumental in guiding portfolio companies through more than a $1 billion of successful public equity and debt financings, as well as strategic partner relationships, leasing transactions and bank financings.


Communication among Portfolio Company Network
Generation encourages and facilitates communication among our portfolio companies to provide managers with advice and counsel on a wide range of business problems and opportunities. As discussed above, all of our CEOs are invited to become part of The Generation CEO Roundtable which meets quarterly and is run by a highly experienced leadership coach and facilitator. Managers have the opportunity to share experiences, challenges and solutions with an outstanding group of CEOs who run fascinating businesses with similar characteristics, size and growth rates. This is a very special program designed to help our managers achieve their goals and achieve greater fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives.


Strategic Partnering
Generation's professionals have been successful in introducing and negotiating strategic alliances for our portfolio companies. These have taken the form of development contracts, cooperative marketing agreements and equity investments. As a technology company develops and begins to market its products successfully, it often attracts the attention of larger companies in search of new products or technologies. Strategic partners not only provide capital, but also increase a young company's credibility and visibility. Our portfolio companies have teamed with some of the industry's most admired and established leaders including Microsoft, General Electric, Comcast, Nortel, Motorola, AT&T, IBM, Ariba, Netscape, Computer Sciences Corp., MCI/Worldcom, Hewlett-Packard, Fuji, Texas Instruments, Samsung, Siemens and many others.


Technology/Systems Assessment & Oversight
In addition to the counsel from our professionals in the very important and complex issues surrounding information technology, Generation has partnered with an organization dedicated to helping companies assess and understand their technology risks and opportunities in areas such as staffing and management, systems capabilities, capital needs, redundancy, risk points for potential failure, scalability, outsourcing recommendations and oversight, and competitive assessments.